PHILLIP ROBINSON is a married, sexy, “supportive of his wife’s career” husband.  He doesn’t have to work because he has a wealthy father and a rich wife … but this cripples him. He is frustrated with life in a small town and expresses his rebellion to his wife and family by cheating constantly.    ,


VIOLET (“VY”) ROBINSON is your usual good Christian woman who is also a multi-platinum selling gospel singer.  On the outside she leads a charmed life: great husband, cute kids … but on the inside she is tormented because her husband continues to cheat on her and flaunts it.  


PRINCESS ROBINSON is the pretty, “tween” daughter of Phillip and Vy.  She is the apple of her father’s eye.  She adores her father and puts him on a pedestal.


MARTHA ROBINSON is Phillip’s mother and matriarch of the southern church dynasty, the Robinson Family.  She is still seething because, after many years of faithful service, her husband left her for a 25 year old.


BLISS PARKER is a pregnant plus-size supermodel who has her own reality show: Put Some Bliss In Your Life!  Bliss is a boss diva who rules and runs everybody except the love of her life, Phillip Robinson.


HOPE ROBINSON is Phillip’s niece by his sister Toya Robinson.  She is 9 years old, pretty, smart and matter-of-fact.


NOELLE RICHMOND is a successful college-educated nightclub owner who has been friends with Vy for years. She expresses her discontent with her “singles life” by changing wigs.  


SARAH STURDIVANT is a “churchy nerd” and Vy’s personal assistant.  She is one of Vy’s closest, most trusted friends. 


KHLOE LANDON is a successful businesswoman who is a blogger and also Bliss’ publicist.  She is responsible for Bliss’ success. 


ANGELINA DAVIDSON is one of Bliss’ close friends.  Angelina is also an educated, successful businesswoman who runs a natural foods store.  Everything out of her mouth is about the sisterhood or being “pro-black” or healthy living.


JEFF JONES is Vy’s handsome, hard-working, smart manager.