“Miss Carrie” Calloway, divorced mother of 4, world-renowned, celebrity, flamboyant, international relationship author and expert.  “Full of herself” but truly has a heart to help women.  Ex-mistress to Martha’s husband Deke. Carries guilt.


“Miss Lady” Robinson: sexy, whiny, clueless, funny, single mother who is smart but pursues men instead of college.  She lost custody of her daughter. Is annoyed when people thinks she’s an “airhead.”  Is engaged to Huggy.


Crimson Calloway, married sister of Miss Carrie.  Rich, uppity, has a “second best” complex.  Hates that she plays “second fiddle” to her big sister.  Holds grudges and won’t discuss or release them because this is a method for her to control others.


Martha Robinson: snippy, bitter, divorced after being a “good wife” and “putting her husband first” after 35 plus years of marriage.  Trying to adjust to today’s dating scene.


Melissa “Sugar Baby” Calloway: “Miss Carrie’s” spoiled, self-absorbed daughter. Independent, peppy woman. Accomplished but focused on getting a husband. She and her father look down on her mother because Miss Carrie doesn’t have a college degree like they do.


Bertha Lee Robinson: church rooted.  High-powered government job.  Travels around the world but still has a “small town” mentality.  Like everyone else, her #1 topic is men.


Gurnephine Robinson: Bertha Lee’s boisterous sister.  Has been married and divorced four times, can’t do anything for herself.  “Run-down” looking but still hopeful about love.


Sapphire Robinson: Cousin of Miss Lady, Bertha Lee and Gurnephine.  Very churchy, preachy and snooty.  Is celibate, sexually frustrated and determined to marry her “godly man.”


Jay Brownstone: strong, sexy, “back in the day” friend of “Miss Carrie.”  He is dating Sugar Baby and does not know that that’s Miss Carrie’s daughter.  Desired by women but his heart and his hope belongs to the “unfinished” business he feels he has with Miss Carrie.