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**BEFORE** **AUGUST** **30,** **2024**


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 (and, BELIEVE ME, there

were MANY rough times!!

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sometimes you gotta

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(this is in the book!)








Today’s Woman Is Being BOMBARDED with opinions and advice on “How To Be A Good Woman.” You’re constantly being told what YOU’RE doing wrong … and how YOU need to treat your man GOODER and BETTER so you won’t be the “A” word (“ALONE”) or the “L” word (“LONELY”).  You’re so focused on your “catching and keeping a man” HUNT that this is making some of you OVERLOOK MAJOR “crap” when it comes to the guys you are hastily jumping into relationships with and marrying … and then hurtfully and bitterly complaining about them later.


It’s easy to throw on some lipstick and stilettos and search the dating websites, clubs, churches or events and FIND a man.  But, GIRL, EVERY man that you FIND is not meant to be KEPT.  I don’t care if he is, “tall, cute, has money and a penis the size of Spain!”  Some of those bitches you need to throw RIGHT back into the gutter or V.I.P section or friend’s house or church or website where you found them.


There Are Soooo Many “Good” Men In The World But … In Your Search To Find Them, Some Of You Are Settling For Wolves Who Are “Coming At You” Disguised As “Good Men.”  You MUST “Arm Yourself” By Educating Yourself Against The Wolves In The World Who Are Plotting To Devour You, Your Friends, Your Daughters And Your Nieces. But, don’t worry because “I Have Returned From Living In The “LAND OF THE WOLVES” And I Brought Back Their Playbook!”  Let Me Explain.


I wrote this WORKBOOK because I was uneducated and UNPREPARED for the world of **TODAY’S** relationships. I was a relationship dumbass and I didn’t even know it!  I had a talent, a SKILL for choosing the wrong man and I never could figure out why!  How did I get that way?


I was TRAINED in an excessively religious environment to be a SHEEP; to be nice, obedient, overly-trusting, overly-forgiving, VIRTUOUS, staying-through-WHATEVER, acquiescing, docile, passive, mealy-mouthed, compliant, “going along with everything,” yada, yada, yada. You know … be a good girl … be an OVERLY-good woman.


(I didn’t know I had “low self-esteem, come USE me” fumes oozing through my pores … invisible to me but easily detected by a wolf on the hunt!  They could smell my “sheep ass” from 5 miles away!!)


There’s nothing wrong with being a SHEEP. It’s just that some of these guys out here are TRAINED to be WOLVES and we sweet lil’ TRAINED sheep don’t even know it!  I found out that there are TRAINED wolves in this world when I snuck to a party that a “good, lil’ church girl like me” wasn’t supposed to be at … to meet this guy that a “good, lil’ church girl like me” wasn’t supposed to meet! When I saw him, I was like, “DAMN, that bitch is FINE!” And he smiled approvingly at me so obviously he thought I was cute too! But he wouldn’t talk to me or approach me. And I kept trying to talk to him! Finally, he said, “You’re really cute and I would love to “get with you” but you broke one of the RULES.” And he left the party with some chick!


I stood there in the middle of the room, puzzled, thinking … “Rules? What rules? Which rule did I break? I never knew there were RULES!  WHO didn’t tell ME about the rules and how come HE knows the rules but I don’t?!!!!” (When I lived in the LAND OF THE WOLVES myself, THAT’S when I found out the rule I had broken … in a game that I didn’t even know was being played.)


When you take nice, overly-good women (dumb sheep) and put us in a world of hustlers and guys who lie and play games with your heart (slobbering wolves), that’s when you find yourself being used and tossed out, over and over again … because you foolishly believe your sheep-like ways will “win over” and CHANGE a wolf.


Duhhhh.  Wolves ALWAYS eat up sheep.


Imagine a wolf taking you to dinner at a nice restaurant. He fawns and flatters all over you and treats you oh, sooooo good. Compliments and professions of love spew from his mouth like lava. You quickly fall head over heels in love. Suddenly, he whips out a deck of cards! “Oh, we’re playing a GAME? I didn’t know wolves played games. I don’t know how to play,” you say innocently with your sheepish, “I-trust-you,” smile. Showing big, devourous wolf teeth, the wolf grins and says, “I know. I can tell. Let’s play STRIP.”


Your head tells you to leave … but your lonely heart and throbbing cooch keeps you glued to the chair.  Instead of leaving the table, you stay because the wolf is so loving and ATTENTIVE and you don’t want to go back to that island called, “ALONE and LONELY.”


That wolf presents himself as everything you want and need in a man.  He makes you feeeel soooo good … that you ignore the greedy, “I’ve-found-WHO-I-was-searching-for” and “I-can’t-WAIT-to-devour-your-heart,-your-mind,-and-your-wallet,” anticipatory slobber dripping from his mouth.  You want him so bad that you IGNORE the signs that he is sizing you up for reasons that he is NOT telling you aboutYou don’t want to upset him … you don’t want HIM to get up from the table and leave you … so you say, “Okay, Mr. Wolf, I’ll play STRIP with you.”


You soon learn that STRIP is a relationship game where he takes all that you have mentally, emotionally, financially and sexually. The wolf wins hand after hand after hand. The next thing you know, you’ve moved the wolf in with you and your kids, put him on your “phone” plan and are running up your credit cards because you’re giving him money and buying him “stuff” to keep him with you.


Although the “red flags” and “signs” start to pop up (as they ALWAYS do), and although you feel queasy inside (because you know you’re starting to give TOO MUCH), you KEEP IGNORING the “warnings” because you will do practically ANYTHING to keep your wolf happy.  And even though he LIES like a professional spy, you continue to hang in there with “Mr. Wolfie” because the first thing he stripped from you was your heart. You are in love and you refuse to believe that someone who said he was in love with you didn’t mean it; that he only said “I Love You” to STRIP you. After he’s taken everything, “Mr. Wolfie” leaves you with nothing but YOU wondering what YOU did wrong to lose him.


To hide your hurt and protect your heart, you become one of those beaten-down, angry, bitter women who proclaim to the world, “I don’t need a man. Men ain’t, uh, crap.”


I have BEEN there.  I’ve given, given, given of MYSELF, my ALL and my EVERYTHING trying to change a WOLF… and it ain’t change a got-dang thing!  (Although, thankfully, I never reached the “I don’t need a man, men ain’t, uh, “crap,” stage (smile)) But, I no longer wanted to be a gullible, uneducated, “believe and follow everything any ol’ man tells me cos I don’t wanna be by myself,” sheep and I didn’t want to turn into one of those, “I-can’t-love-and-trust-anymore-cos-I’ve-been-hurt-so-many-times” sheep so


I entered the land, the WORLD of the wolf, the hustler, the leech, the abuser, the cheater and the swindler of women’s hearts, vaginas and money. I LEARNED THEIR GAME, THEN I PLAYED IT!  Now I’m here to expose and unmask them! I’m here to tell you HOW they come at you, WHAT they say, WHY they say it … and What They Expect Your Reaction To Be!   I’m here to tell you in step-by-step, sentence-by-sentence detail, why a Hustler/Cheater/Abuser  chooses YOU! I’m here to help you analyze and thoroughly dissect the men you’re dealing with … and help you analyze and thoroughly dissect yourself before you lose your heart, your emotional well-being … and your MONEY!


I wrote this workbook so that women would have inside information to learn the “GAME” of today’s relationships. I know, I know … you feel like you’re already smart and educated but … having college degrees and being smart at your job doesn’t mean that you’re “hip” and well-informed to the pursuits of a Hustler/Cheater/Abuser.  I’ve seen many fiercely dressed, “designer-shoed” “confident and self-assured on the outside,” women who feel they don’t need to read my relationship workbook … put up a hard, protective shell and act all cocky, like they got all the answers … cos they don’t want us to see that, INSIDE, behind their facade, they’re just as bewildered, vulnerable, unsure of themselves and insecure as the rest of us when they get on that shaky ground called, Is THIS The Right Man For MeAm I Making A Relationship Decision That I Will REGRET?”


I used to be like that too.  On the outside I was “college smart” and confident, but ILLITERATE and BLIND when it came to WOLVES. Because … as smart and “got it going on” as we say we are today … why are we still so naïve that we can’t even recognize when a Hustler/Cheater/Abuser is “running game” on us … and setting us up for the “fleecing?”


WHY do we still ignore and “explain away” warning signals and “red flags” from a “nice-on-the-outside,” “I need you to financially help me get on my feet,” “I promise if you come back to me, I’ll never hit you again,” “I’ll give up drugs, alcohol,  find a job and stop chasing other women if I could just have YOU,” undercover wolf?


WHY do we still believe with silly, child-like faith that we can “change” an abusive wolf? WHY do we still allow ourselves to be mentally, financially, emotionally, physically and sexually used, abused and hustled? WHY do we BLAME men but … *****EXCUSE OUR STUPIDITY**** by saying, “But I was in love with him?”


YOU can keep living that life if you want to but for those sheep who want a superior education and a doctorate in ***WOLF-DETECTION*** …


NOW we have the INSIDE INFORMATION, the EDUCATION from this workbook! We no longer have a reason to be naïve, “relationship-blind” and easy-to-hustle! Unless we choose to STAY that way!


I realize that some of you will read and IGNORE the great truths in this workbook and continue to deal with Hustlers and WOLVES who “dog” the hell out of you … and that’s okay too. It’s your life. Those are your choices.  YOU’RE the one who will keep being “dogged.” Nobody has to walk in your shoes but YOU.


But … look at your daughter. Look at the guys she’s seeing you with. HOW will you EVER teach your daughter self-respect if she always sees you being “huddled up in a crying FIT,” or “constantly on the phone complaining and boo-hooing” to your friends, after being continually hustled, disrespected, and then abandoned by hustlers and wolves?


HOW will you ever teach your daughter self-strength if she sees you too weak to get out of a bad relationship that you shouldn’t have gotten INTO in the first place?


Do you want your daughter following in your relationship footsteps? As you read this workbook … IT’S YOUR JOB TO TEACH HER FROM IT.


Some of my happiest moments are when my readers contact me and say: “Let me tell you about this WOLF I started dealing with.  Everything was going well and he said he was in love with me but then he started trying to “run that game” and hustle me.  But, because of your workbook, I told him, “Keep it moving.  I read about you in SistaGirl #1’s book.  Go “run that” game on somebody else.”  


SistaGirl #1, in the past, I would have fallen for his hustle because he seemed SO believable and sincere, but, because of your book I recognized that “game” and made the decision not to deal with HIM under those terms.  I WISH I’d had your book ten years ago.”  That was from Stephanie in Dallas, Texas.


Although Stephanie and I laughed about that hustling wolf, I feel sorry for the next chick he’s about to take his “game” to because she’s going to believe him.  A wolf will always find a gullible sheep to hustle!


********There will ALWAYS be a woman for a Hustler/Cheater/Abuser because there will always be a woman who foolishly believes that she can change him.  I just don’t want that woman to be YOU.


When I see WOLVES prowling around in bars, at the grocery store, on the Internet or in church … (yes, I said CHURCH) … laughing, cackling and bragging about their SHEEP CONQUESTS … and gossiping and sharing stories of SHEEP they have emotionally, financially, mentally, sexually or physically used, abused or hustled … I think of the SHEEP, the women in their stories. I think of their broken hearts, their pain and their lingering bitterness. I think of how the SHEEP were TRAINED to enter into that “hook-up” or relationship as a “nice, good woman,” TRUSTING the WOLF’S word because that SHEEP believed that if she kept trying her hardest to be a GOOD ENOUGH woman, that he would love her, treat her well and be with HER … and not try to get with the whole flock of sheep!


And now that the WOLF has gotten what he wanted and the SHEEP has been cast aside, the WOLF has the audacity to brag about it, flaunt it and howl at the moon.  And then if the SHEEP retaliates, the WOLF dismisses her by saying, “She’s just another angry, bitter woman.”


(As if she has the NERVE to be angry or bitter because he hustled her, cheated on her and abused her!  WOLVES are the ones with nerve!  They will blame YOU for being gullible and loving and trusting THEM and for falling for their “game!”  Ain’t THAT some, uh, crap!  But … oh well, THAT’S what WOLVES do.)




After you learn from this workbook … AGAIN … if you KEEP hooking up with wolves and Hustler/Cheater/Abusers … if you KEEP finding yourself in bad relationships … then it’s “on YOUbecause YOU Keep Choosing Them … Cos You Could Have Chosen To Not Get With Them And … Gotten Up From The Dinner Table.  You Knew How He Was Before You Jumped In A Relationship With Him So Why Are You Bitching About Him Now?


Although You May Not Like It … I HAVE TO REPEAT THIS … If you’re with a man who hustles you, cheats on you and/or abuses you, HE CAN’T DO THAT BY HIMSELF!


This workbook is not about: “MEN AIN’T CRAP!”  This workbook is about: “Here are the type of guys who ain’t crap! … WHY DO YOU KEEP CHOOSING TO BE WITH THEM?”


Once you read this workbook and answer that question, that’s when your healing and new decision-making will start!


I wish you love from the “RIGHT” man … a GOOD man … and NOT some Wolf or Hustler/Cheater/Abuser you’re choosing to be with just so you’ll have somebody and not be alone!  But I do realize that we are adults and no matter what anyone tells us, some of us will have to keep learning the hard, painful and bitter way because we’re going to do what we want to do.  We’re going to BE WITH who we choose to be with … EVEN IF HE’S HURTING YOU!


You have to live with your relationship choices.  You and your kids will have to live with the relationship decisions that you make.  I hope you choose love, “minimal drama” and inner peace.  You WILL have to “answer to,” “explain” and “defend” your relationship decisions later.









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