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(Excerpt, Page 239)


SistaGirls, YEARS AGO, I was looking at the “Oprah” show, which, as you know, was a talk show that had been popular for manyyy years.  Oprah’s guest on the show was Barbara Walters, a VERY SUCCESSFUL female journalist who was executive producer and main host of a talk show called “The View.” Barbara has interviewed prominent people throughout her long and illustrious career and she was a guest on Oprah’s show to promote Barbara’s autobiography. 


In her book, Barbara wrote about the salacious, scandalous fact that earlier in her life, she had an interracial affair with a married politician, a United States Senator!  Oprah asked her if she had been the man’s “MISTRESS.”


Barbara said NO, she had not been his mistress because SHE TOOK CARE OF HERSELF AND HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING FOR HER FINANCIALLY.  Barbara then asked Oprah, who has admitted in the past to ALSO having an affair with a married man, if Oprah was that man’s mistress.

Oprah, in an arrogant way, whooped:  “Honey, I ain’t NEVER been taken care of by no man!” 


The two women then smugly bragged as they told how the married men THEY dealt with was ALWAYS over THEIR house … they spent WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS with their married men … and THEIR married men told their wives they wanted a divorce.  Their statements irritated me and made “my face frown up and my eyes squinty.”


At the time I could only “talk back to the TV” but this is what I wanted to tell Oprah and Barbara … two professionally successful women who BOTH admitted to AFFAIRS with married men … but EACH had a problem applying the word “mistress” to THEMSELVES … because they felt they were in a different, more “special” category than women who deal with married men for money and other resources:


“First of all, again, I respect both of you as successful career women and I applaud your professional accomplishments.  However, I must respectfully express my disagreement with your arrogant distaste of using the word “mistress” in applying it to your actions when you dealt with married men. 


When Oprah boisterously said, “Honey, I ain’t never been taken care of by no man!” … and while the two of you cackled that you were NEVER anybody’s mistress … this is what I wanted to say to you two:


Compared to you two giants, I’m a lil’ ol’ NOBODY … but I have to be honest with you: “Girlll, please don’t  put on “airs.”  You were still a “mistress.”  Or,  “side piece.”  Pick a title.”


Whether or not you have a problem with the word “mistress” when applying it to yourself … whether or not you two mega-powers feel you’ve never been a married man’s mistress because he didn’t financially take care of you because you did THAT yourself … get off your high horse.  YOU WERE STILL GIVING YOUR VAGINA TO A MARRIED MAN, the same as “mistresses.”  If you weren’t getting anything for it, well, I hate to say it but, respectfully, that’s YOUR dumbass!  I don’t care WHO you gave your cooch to because, after all, it’s your cooch, but don’t be snooty and arrogant about it.  You were still sexing” a married man.”


What further irritated me was your elitist way of saying how your “cheating married man” was over your house some weekends and holidays, as if, even though you were dealing with a CHEATER, you were somehow SPECIAL.” 


Sweethearts, a married man will STAY over your house weekends when his wife is out of town on trips.  He’ll STAY over your house holidays when his wife takes the kids to visit her family because he doesn’t like her family and doesn’t want to be around them.  He wasn’t over your house holidays and weekends because of YOU; he was over there then because it was convenient for him at that moment and it was of some benefit to HIM.  He was throwing you some little crumb of extra attention to make you feel special, and to keep you patiently waiting so you would keep giving up your cooch!  He had to protect the “drama-free” cooch he was getting from you … that he didn’t have to do crap for! 














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